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Message from the Director

Dear valued customers,

DYNAC was incorporated on the 31st MAY 1982 with the objectives of providing our customers with oil & gas based related industries and engineering works particularly towards the engineering based activities.

Our range of services encompasses all aspects of network implementation, design optimization, installation, test and commissioning, management, training, maintenance and consultancy.

With the teams of talented and experienced personnel, DYNAC is gearing itself to provide the customers with quality services at competitive price to their engineering needs and requirements.

High satisfaction among our technically demanding customers have been a major factor in the growth of DYNAC since its establishment. This record of excellence resulted from our corporate objectives which place priority on the followings:-

Provide best services and solutions to the customers.
Clear understanding of the customer’s needs and requirements.
Offer a win-win situation for us and the customers in limiting unnecessary cost by continuously improving our systems, products and services.

Our achievement in acquiring and maintaining the ISO9001 Certification is another proof that we are serious and committed to the industry. With the trusted confidence bestowed by our Customers, we are confident in providing the comprehensive services to the national and international demanding industries in achieving our leader’s VISION 2020 objectives.

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With the dedication and wills of the staffs nothing is too sophisticated or small for DYNAC. We have proven in the past that we shall stand as the rest of the well established companies.

The wealth of experiences and resources are a tremendous asset to keep ourselves continue growing, in addition, hopefully our efforts contribute to the industries could assist our country in early achievement of VISION 2020.