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Dynac Sdn Bhd looks back at a company history of more than 35 years in experience. The company's wide range of products and services goes from oil and gas, chemical refinery, rig building industry to telecommunication.


Our primary activities are in the O&G industry in the fields of HVAC Systems, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Cable Support System, LV Switchgear and Telekom JKH.



For many years, it has served the industry with dedication and discipline, winning projects especially for the HVAC Systems industry. This division has been the stretching arms of DYNAC since the economic booming in 1989 and capable of handling all sort of design, standards, equipments manufacturing, installation and commissioning. As a Bumiputera company competing for major projects, it has to ensure that the construction works meets all the specifications as well as the quality and safety standards. It is certainly not an easy job for a novice. People lives are at stake; nothing can be left to chance. DYNAC is able to pull against the odds and completed all the projects that have been awarded to them, meeting all the quality and safety requirements in this industry.

DYNAC's internal growth:


Delivering strategically tailored engineering solutions that conforms to the International quality standards for our clients to accomplish their unique project objectives.



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With the dedication and wills of the staffs nothing is too sophisticated or small for DYNAC. We have proven in the past that we shall stand as the rest of the well established companies.

The wealth of experiences and resources are a tremendous asset to keep ourselves continue growing, in addition, hopefully our efforts contribute to the industries could assist our country in early achievement of VISION 2020.